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September 16, 2017
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September 20, 2017
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We’ve made some big changes to our website and are excited to share them with you! We’ve made it easier to navigate, given you more add on options, and changed some pricing.

– Double veggie meals are now the same price as regular meals!
– With our breakfast options you can now add on breakfast sausages, turkey bacon, add extra egg muffins, or try a vanilla protein sauce cup!
– All of our meals now have a sauce cup option that you can use to add some extra flavor to your meal!
– Custom meals now allow you to pick ALL items in your meal!

IN STORE CHANGES: Starting 09-19 we will now be stocking a variety of double veggie meals in our fridge, these will be marked with a green circle sticker on the label!

Something else you’d like to see added on? Comment Below!

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